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Doing Good For Our Neighborhood

Winter Fest Invite

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Sons of Thunder Winter Festival

Imagine an old-fashioned winter…rosy-cheeked sledders gliding a snow covered hill, the magic aroma of freshly-baked treats. The spirit of everyone’s favorite season is captured in an atmosphere of warmth and nostalgia, and where memories of holidays  are waiting to be made. Bring in the...

Black Beautiful Brothers

I’d like to make a comment on something that I feel is long overdue. I’m going to say something positive about our African-American men. Including my own father who had a profound effect on the outcome of my life before passing away. There are...

The human in humanity

Human, is what people called ourselves, and each of us express our emotions in various ways to show what and how we are feeling at the moment. Similar to other species have their own way of showing anger, happiness, contentment and love. As humans...

Hands that helps

What makes human hands so unique? The human hands are unique in that they give us the ability to firmly grasp with ease and manipulate objects of many different shapes. The human hand can grip with great strength and with fine control, as to...