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Doing Good For Our Neighborhood

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Why do very Male-Man need a strong good woman? Because she’s like a good anchor that will hold a man in place during his storm. Finding your anchor when your ship needs to stay in a certain area in the sea or on an ocean of life, he needs someone to help hold him steady. In order for your ship to stay still, because it cannot stay on its own, the ship needs an anchor. Like a ship or a boat in motion, most relationships, and even really good relationships, a man in particular needs an anchor. In any Disney movie when there is a male character, or really any movie of any genre, there is a need for an anchor. That anchor is a woman; a strong woman at that. This woman doesn’t need to be the likes of Wonder Woman, just someone to be the balance a man needs. For Stan Lee’s “The Hulk,” Bruce Banner’s anchor is Betty Ross. The Hulk would die to protect his woman, and so would any other male characters. For example, Johnny Cage in “Ghost Rider” turns into blue flames when he’s around Roxanne, his woman. Both of these alike, the girlfriend is the man’s anchor.

What do I mean by anchor? In these terms, a woman that can look at a man (say the Hulk/Bruce Banner), and has the ability to calm him in his storm. For the man, the woman holds the balance between him and the rest of the world. For King Leonidas, his queen basically told him it was OK to Sparta kick the messenger in the pit. Just like in modern times, the woman that we love holds us together. The women need us to be strong and to be their security when things go wrong. But when the world fights back and push comes to shove, and we get to where things just aren’t going the way we thought they would, we have our woman to look to. Also, the girl or woman doesn’t have to be ours, per se. They can be a best friend, someone we trust and can be completely honest with. For me, one of my friends is like my anchor. When I get angry and I need to calm down, I know I can call upon her for help. Even if it’s just the simplest things, like telling me something to get my mind on other things, I can instantly calm down and forget what’s going on. That is what being my anchor is.

For every man, we try to be the Hulk in every girl’s life. We try to be the biggest of the “bad,” yet we have that one really special girl or woman that can make us return to “Bruce Banner.” We can think straight, analyze things from a different angle and make better decisions. Every man needs his own Betty Ross, Pepper Potts or an anchor. We may say we don’t need anyone’s help, yet we can’t admit out of pride we actually do need someone. I need an anchor. Without that woman to hold the balance, we would be lost. Just like a ship needs an anchor to hold us in place, let us go forward or turn around. We carry them with us. Part of every man’s journey is finding our anchor, and when we do, we hold on to it and never want to let go.

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