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Doing Good For Our Neighborhood

Who are we?

The Sons of Thunder Nonprofit  Community Development Corporation was organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, purposes under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code. To enrich the lives of those in the communities in which we serve, through outreach ministry services, education, mentoring and transformation leadership.  To partner with like minded Community agencies and raise disciples to further the common good.

We believe by aligning and collaborating with courageous, change making community leaders — there are no limits to the positive impact we can have. We know that our capacity to improve our city and communities is dependent upon the motivated adults in our lives — who will partner with us and support our ideals and goals. We realize that while there have been barriers and obstacles in solving critical issues, we’re unafraid and motivated to blaze new paths in new territory and a make a new and better way.

We believe there is No Minimum Age for Community Leadership and the depth of our caring and compassion will transform our ideas into grassroots actions and strategic plans for real, sustainable change.

We believe that the general apathy in our country about the challenges we face in our world and communities must be a part of our past. We recognize that as community leaders, we are in a unique position to use our voices — individually and collectively, to bring attention to the issues that need awareness and action. We know that creating meaningful change starts with stepping up to the plate.



To collaborate with like-minded and like-hearted people to make a positive difference in our community, and to educate our community especially those of certain ethnicity about why and how people become and remain at risk and disconnected from their community


We are creating an alliance of strong leaders as a force for good. We believe social justice philanthropy is our responsibility. We know that as advocates for positive change, it is time to participate in advancing the complex conversations that must be had — and the work that needs to be done.


To motivate our adults and leaders to support our efforts and join our cause, because that’s how we’ll make the greatest impact. We understand that to get to the root of the problems we face, we must address more than just the symptoms we’re dealing with. We are on a mission to create safer, sustainable and inclusive communities.


Our Outreach Team

Community Builders

Gerald Morgan

Statutory Agent
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I see you in the future and it’s so much better than today. Bio

Calvin Evans

Senior Officer
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Understanding is integral to the roadway of your success. Bio

Auston Shaw

Board Member
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Love is also a verb word so show the love in your actions. Bio

Preston May

Board Member
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You can’t undo what was done so move on to what can be. Bio

John Doe

Chief Programmer
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Believing in oneself is something worth believing. Bio

Todd Revis

Community Leader
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Life is a forward movement so don’t live it backwards. Bio

Latoya Littles

Professional Instructor
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To touch and be touched, give and be given is to live. Bio

Soncavia Brown

Admin Assistant
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Quest in life is to live life with a beneficial purpose. Bio