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Doing Good For Our Neighborhood

The human in humanity

Human, is what people called ourselves, and each of us express our emotions in various ways to show what and how we are feeling at the moment. Similar to other species have their own way of showing anger, happiness, contentment and love. As humans we have the intellect to adapt and convey our emotions, or we can hide our feeling altogether. We have something that no other species we have, and that is the (will) to do a thing or not do it, we can choose, all other creation act on instinct.

We possessed one more defining quality that distinguished us as different from the rest to whom we shared this world with, a human is the only created form that can create another human through the expression of love, face to face, and eye to eye. It’s an incredible fact that we so quickly forget about when we turn our backs on another human who is destitute and in need of a helping hand. We make mistakes as life moves forward, but we all learn from it, and then try to move forward forever knowing what we did or did not do in meeting the need of another. Our future and our past can never touch because our present time in life will always stand between them. We cannot live in the past because it is already behind us, nor can we live in the future for it is yet to arrive. Therefore, we can only live and enjoy the present which is a rapidly fleeting moment in time.

When the bad things befall us in life, one is quick to say, “Why me?” Wishing our misfortune on another, and when the good fortune befalls another then we say, “Why not me?” Wishing their good fortunes for our self. But when good fortune befalls us, and we then say, “Why me? Why not another?” Then will we become the good fortune of others.

It’s not in our human nature to ignore the screams that erupt from our neighborhood. Although, there are some humans who will ignore a life threatening issue of other, just to avoid being inconvenienced. Humanity is a very powerful thing, it is the applied concepts that transcends political and social divides, the concept that everyone knows. So why is it then, that everywhere in the world, and as near as our own back yard, there are people who are so neglected?

About Author

Sonny May
donorHello, I’m Thunderman, also known as Sonny May on my other websites and blogs. I grew up in Warren, Ohio and graduated from Warren Western Reserve. After graduating, I continued my education at McGraw Hill Institute of Technology in the field of Photography and Videography. I became a self-taught computer technician after falling in love with computers while helping my eldest daughter with her elementary school assignment. I currently serve as a community leader and hold the office title of CEO of a Nonprofit Organization, and sit as a Board Member on two other 501 (3) (c) nonprofit organizations.


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