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Doing Good For Our Neighborhood

Hands that helps

What makes human hands so unique? The human hands are unique in that they give us the ability to firmly grasp with ease and manipulate objects of many different shapes. The human hand can grip with great strength and with fine control, as to throw a baseball, sign a name on the dotted line, or pickup up a dime. I’ve always considered human hands as objects give to touch the lives of other people in a very significant way.

They are located at the end of our arms for a reason, because it is our arms that are an extension of who and what we are. The arms when extended can reach further than where the body may presently be located. Even a paraplegic who may be bound to a wheelchair can still extend his arms and hands further than where the body may be seated. Human hands can grasp, gather and hold to our bosom as in hugging or harvesting, or cast forth as in sowing seeds that will be multiplied many times over. I firmly believe that People should not take pride in all the possessions they may have obtained in life, but rather, have a little compassion and consideration for lack of what others may not have attained in their life.

A person that has everything needs nothing, but yet wants more, and when more has been obtained still seek for something else, and when that something cannot be acquired he is left most miserable.

Helping hands are hands that help, and every human being should consider using their hands to assist someone who is less fortunate than they are. It takes genuine feelings of love and a special kind of person to extend a helping hand without being primed, pushed, or pressured.

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Sonny May
donorHello, I’m Thunderman, also known as Sonny May on my other websites and blogs. I grew up in Warren, Ohio and graduated from Warren Western Reserve. After graduating, I continued my education at McGraw Hill Institute of Technology in the field of Photography and Videography. I became a self-taught computer technician after falling in love with computers while helping my eldest daughter with her elementary school assignment. I currently serve as a community leader and hold the office title of CEO of a Nonprofit Organization, and sit as a Board Member on two other 501 (3) (c) nonprofit organizations.


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