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Doing Good For Our Neighborhood


A Donation Website for all types of Charity
where you can do a ton of good for others.

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All over the city there are young
women with nowhere to go. Our
community need more shelters
to help prevent rape, abductions,
and prostitution.

Dark and so beautiful
but used and abused

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A pinch of the Humane act from us
means a lot to them!

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A pinch of the Humane act from us means
a lot to someone like him!

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A Gentle Way
to donate to a worth cause

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Crime is color blind
Help us reach them

Sons of Thunder Outreach offer
counseling and mentoring to
our community of young men

Help US

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There is great satisfaction and reward when doing and showing kindness for others,  but a far greater reward resides in the opportunity to do even more, so please show a little compassion to your fellow beings.

We are leaders Igniting Change.

We are Accountable

We create relationships with the families in our community to better understand how we as a people can specifically help them.

We are Transparent.

We build bridges between the lives of young and senior generations so that we can help educate families about the crises of disconnect in our community.

We are Responsible.

We hold our elected officials accountable for representing the needs of all members of our community who are suffering through no fault of their own.


News & Article

Sons of Thunder Winter Festival

Imagine an old-fashioned winter…rosy-cheeked sledders gliding a snow covered hill, the magic aroma of freshly-baked treats. The spirit of everyone’s favorite season is captured in an atmosphere of warmth and nostalgia, and where memories of holidays  are waiting to...

Our Supporters

Sponsors Words

DAndre Bowers
We try to generate enthusiasm in experienced leaders so that they can make a positive change happen in our community sooner than later.

- DAndre Bowers

Business Owner
Maurice Williams
We try to create community unity through the Sons of Thunder because when we’re connected the people don’t let people fall through the cracks of life.

- Maurice Williams

Business Contributor
Cheryl Saffold
We try set a positive example for the youth in our community and to teach them how to care for one another and take action on things they can changed.

- Cheryl Saffold

Warren City Councilwoman