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Doing Good For Our Neighborhood

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Location InfoSheridan, Melbourne, Australia


Art activities and materials for young children. Art is very important to young children. It gives them a way to let out their feelings and ideas. Children can learn a lot through art. As children draw, paint, and make collages, they are learning about their world (colors, shapes, and sizes of objects). When they use paints, glue, and markers, children are planning, trying out new things, and solving problems. As children mix paints, they learn to understand one thing can make changes in another. Art lets children make choices.

Children don’t need to make a finished product to learn from art. This is sometimes hard for adults to understand. For young children, what they are doing is most important, not what they make. Art should be a time to allow the children to express their ideas and experiment with materials. Focus on helping children develop their creativity and enjoy the process of expressing thoughts and feelings through art. Guide, model, and show skills and techniques that can be used to create without teaching. Give children time and places to be creative, explore, express themselves, and experiment. Provide safe and interesting materials for children to use on their own.

Communicate with young children about the process of art. Use insightful open-ended comments that will encourage each child to explore. Avoid general comments that sound as if you are evaluating the children’s artwork, such as “That’s pretty!” or “I like your bright picture!” Instead encourage children to reflect on their creations (“Tell me about your artwork”), talk about what they did (“I see you mixed many colors”), or comment on specific features of their artwork (“Look at the bright orange circle you drew”). Art should be a time to allow the child’s ideas to come out. Crafts tend to limit a child’s creative ideas. The activities listed below do not allow a child to be creative.